Endless War

This poem reflects my perspective on life (one of them, anyway).

The first bombardment starts at 7:00 sharp,
And the hail of metal and fire continues well into the dark,
The 3,285th assault,
A war of nineteen bloody years in the count.

Managers, professors, bosses, teachers,
Generals, tacticians, commanders, advisors,
Judges, police, RA’s, even my own,
All foot soldiers, as time has shown.

Assignments, deadlines, quotas, projects,
Grenades, guns, explosives, knives, bullets,
Repair bills, appointments, tolls, and banks,
Submarines, airplanes, war ships, and tanks.

A war of attrition,
There is a beginning,
But no end in sight,
In the War of Life.

“Over on the mountain
Thunder magic spoke
‘Let the people know my wisdom
Fill the land with smoke.’ ”
Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Run Through the Jungle”

So let us go out and seize the day. Let us wage war.


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