The Traveler, Part Two

In honor of Halloween. (Part One)

Atop the steeple, the traveler waited,
His horse tethered below, the hook baited,
Thunder charged towards the churchyard,
The man shouldered his rifle, aiming down the sights,
One, two, three conical rounds took flight,
It stumbled, the beast had been scarred!

Slinging his firearm on his back,
He rushed, boots thumping, down the stairs,
Instinct and ferocity it didn’t lack,
Now was not the time to be careless,
He found it stalking up to his horse,
He answered with fiery discourse.

The shot caught the beast in the head,
But not a drop of blood was shed,
The traveler felt his boots turning to lead,
No creature could survive silver, it was said,
Its paws lashed out in rage, the fencepost broken.

Full of panic, the narrowly-spared horse fled,
The traveler leaped as the stallion crashed into him,
Head spinning, he lay on the ground, his nose bled,
Watching as the beast approached with a crimson grin,
It opened its jaws wide, ready to swallow him whole,
Grabbing his rifle, he smashed it upside the skull.

Rolling away from the behemoth,
The traveler scrambled to his feet,
A paw seized the gun, it’d had enough,
Feeling his legs beginning to cede,
He released it, fighting the urge to flee.

There! As it stumbled backwards,
An axes in its side, it revealed,
It swung, the man rushed forward,
Ducking, he grabbed the pole with zeal,
Winding back, with fire he yelled,
Striking once! Twice! Until it stilled,
The enemy of man, man had felled.

In the crimson dawn, the trees swayed,
A pair of boots broke the silence,
Amidst the shattered structures, the stillness,
Amongst the legions of the slain,
With the utmost reverence,
A gray, gruesome head was laid,
So that all would know,
That justice was done that day.


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