Commentary Saturday #2


Going home in college is always an odd affair. You adapt from one life to another, only to be thrown back into the stew a couple days later. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and pets, and even my brothers (begrudgingly). It’s just a bit jarring to return and feel the remnants of a bygone era.

But never mind me and my nonexistent feelings (I’m a man, after all). As I’ve mentioned before, I returned home Halloween weekend with the determination that I would put this time to good use. This morphed into a journey to the roots of me and my rocky writing career, five years of trial and error awaited me within my old desktop, guardian of times past. So I launched a full blown salvage operation, diving deep into the recesses of the Writing Folder. Hacking through the jungle, I quested for the original piece.

Did I find it? Well, I came close. These verses below are some of the oldest that I discovered, and that is why I bring it to you today. Compare the poems I have published on here previously (all written in the past three months), with this work from November of 2010.

Reedo the penguin had always been scared,
To go near it he never ever dared,
He watched with sadness,
At his own friend’s gladness,
As he swam through the ocean without care.

Reedo had always been content to waddle,
He would do it all day and never dawdle,
Too terrified to swim,
He pleased every whim,
By going everywhere with a toddle.

Reedo’s friend was a penguin named Sid,
Whose only pride came from the way he slid,
He would slide down ice slopes,
And raise Reedo’s own hopes,
That one day he could

“Could what?!” I shouted at the computer. “Swim? Belong? Fit in?” Unfortunately, this poem was never finished, and as tempted as I was to complete it four years after the fact, somehow that just didn’t feel right. I do this work justice by leaving it unedited, uncompleted, exactly how I found it. An artifact, if you will.

Considering the rhyme scheme and style, I was rather depressed to find that my current works are almost synonymous with this fledgling poem. How far had I really come from four years ago, what had all these experiments and projects gotten me? But then I looked at it differently. I had lain the foundation all those years ago, and had crafted something that even today still stands up to my “sophisticated” portfolio.

What do you think? How does this poem rank on this site? Top five? Better than anything you’ve seen so far (please don’t pick this one)? Your thoughts are always welcome.


Does this text make you think? Let the world know!

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