“The most ______ time of the year”

I’ll admit it, I’ve dropped the ball when it comes to poetry. Those who enjoy that sort of thing have probably noticed, heck, it’s not even Poetry Wednesday. I know you rhyme-enthusiasts deserved something, so I sat down, turned up Van Halen, and then stared at the screen.

After five minutes, I told myself, “Hey, sport, haikus are low stress and quick to write. Why don’t you write a couple and call it a day? They’re poems, after all.” Seemed like a good idea, so I did. Of course, a couple haikus turned into a whole page. So without further ado, enjoy this collection of haikus describing my yearly conflict on this date. Every single year.

Time of “joy and love”
Time of materialism
Time of cynicism

A time of conflict
A time of nostalgia
For a simpler time

Marxism interprets
Christianity retells
My own mind questions

Commercialism presses
Creating demand for things
We believe we need

Is Santa out there
Or what the man represents
Altruism, selfless

I revered him once
Thought this holiday the best
I know not, feel not

Family, where it lies,
The true heart of this holiday,
Not in possessions

Value the people
Not the gifts, but the gesture
Love those around you

I am grateful for;
My family, my readers, and
My friends, near and far

So a merry time
I wish upon each of you
Go and enjoy it

You heard the man. Merry Christmas, and here’s to a New Year. Hell, a better year!


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