An Update, and a Thank You

It’s the New Year (just in case you hadn’t noticed), and I wanted to share with you some fruits of the previous year and the coming hopes of this year. Some of you are probably saying “Where’s the commentary? What’s the category? Where’s the bloody number?!” If you enjoy that sort of thing, then fear not, this is only a temporary side trip. Angry opinions will return next week.

Back in July, I traveled down with my parents to Emerald Isle in North Carolina. On the way, we popped in a book on CD, One for Sorrow, Two for Joy. The tale of all of “birdom” uniting against the raven threat vying to rule them all perked my own mind. Writers are always evaluating other works and seeking inspiration, and I was intrigued.

Once we arrived at our nearly ocean-front rental, with lovely (obstructed) views of the sea from the third floor, I pulled out my laptop, and started thinking. I’d attempted to spin a tale about birds before, when I’d stayed on Rose Island, Rhode Island, nearly four years earlier. So, I had the setting, I just needed the plot and characters. Nothing major. There was nothing to it but to start typing. And I wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

With the rumble of the waves traveling over the dunes to my shaded porch, descriptions came easy, and observing the local Laughing gulls gave me plenty of ideas. I created the twin brothers of Siddo and Skrill, Black-backed seagulls who would come to stand against each other as war threatens to swallow their Isle, with one actively aiding the enemy. By the end of the week, I had five chapters written, and left feeling as if I wasn’t cursed to the realm of short stories anymore. The novelist had arisen.

In honor of that island the book is (more or less) based off, I named this fledgling novel The War of the Rose. By this point, someone out there is saying, “So where does the ‘Thank You’ come into this?” Let me preface this portion with some news: on December 31st, I broke a hundred pages on my novel.

Never before have I been able to type the words “Chapter 17” on any work, and it was a magical feeling indeed. So thank you, to everyone who reads this page. Thank you, to everyone who lends their support, gives my ideas a fair chance, and treats these posts as if they’re written by a real writer. Obviously, follows and likes are appreciated, but I know the silent fans, those who return week after week to read this collage of writing, are just as important.

Without those comments on Chapter One, those new insights and enlightening opinions, I would never have pulled out of the stall that nearly derailed my efforts entirely. So thank you to the readers, the thinkers, the poets, the playwrights, the writers, the enlightened citizens, and those who were just bored and happened upon this sight. The inspiration you have given me, whether direct or indirect, has given me this chance to share my voice in a great way with the world about me. It would never have occurred without you chosen few, and for that I am forever indebted to you.

So thank you, for your positive reception to this page. I was never quite certain if I should start a blog, never certain if anyone would read it, never certain if anyone would like it. Now I am certain that this is something beyond me, something I couldn’t live without. So thank you, for going on this wild adventure with me.

Here’s to a New Year, one full of great opportunities, great successes, even more contributors, and even grander adventures.


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