A Drop in an Endless Sea

A part to the whole,
A mere puzzle piece,
A drop in the sea,
One plate at the feast.

Each of these individuals,
Different in their own way,
Yet we look upon each other,
As one and the same.

The drop blends in,
Hides the good it harbors,
But by smothering it,
The drop drifts farther,
And farther.

Do not be tempted,
By the dark depths you find,
For though you may be protected,
They will corrupt your mind.

Dare to face the sun,
Fight the urge to hide,
Instead of staying quiet,
Be known, and be kind.

It takes no small amount of courage,
To knock down the wall, to open yourself,
But one you let your true self surface,
The possibilities, one poet can’t foretell.

I wish I could tell you,
That your life will be fruitful,
But the future is what you choose,
So go forth,
Decide how the next chapter will be told.


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