This is Not a Copout

This morning, I found this poster that my RA posted in a public space, so this is not publishing someone else’s work without their consent. Also, I am absolutely not in a creative rut right now, this is not settling for less/buying myself time to break the writer’s block (mostly).

From my Resident Advisor:

Save your stuff,
That door’s pretty tough!
Sleep like a bear,
You don’t need to share!
Protect your gear,
Lock it without fear!
Carry your key,
Even if you have to pee!

What a rhyme scheme. Man, if only I could come up with poems like that, which I totally can and am doing. So where are they, you say. Well, they’ll be here soon, they just aren’t completely ready yet. Give me a few days, and I’ll get back to you, Jeff.


Does this text make you think? Let the world know!

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