Dreams Deep

This is a poem I wrote as a way to explore one of the antagonists of sequels to the first novel I’ve ever written. Yes, it’s still not published, but as I revise and polish, I find my mind wandering to the rich possibilities that this universe I’ve sculpted holds. It also helps to explain the Afterworld and faith of the characters in The War of the Rose, so I thought it was worth sharing with you. Plus, I think it just makes a decent bit of prose.

Marching upon the walls of Providence,
The wolf’s paws shuffled in his dream,
His black legions storming the clouded plains,
The dream that made his eyes gleam.

Long ago, he had been promised,
A place in Her kingdom for his service,
But time pushed on, and he grew impatient,
For the salvation he awaited, that he deserved.

Borgia served as the harbinger, the ferry,
Carrying souls between the worlds on his back,
Whether he climbed the misty stairway,
Or swam into the depths, cold and black.

Some resisted, some repented,
Many, so many lamented,
After eons, his heart had hardened.

All came, willingly upon his mane,
Or writhing, pleading in his fangs.

Borgia delivered the spirits unto the care of Providence,
Where they were among the Free in Her endless sky,
Or unto his master, Dakar, the Eagle of the Deep,
Where they drowned in the bottomless caverns forever nigh.

But the Hellhound would not be a pawn,
Eagle and Gull, both would pay,
For all eternity he had slaved,
The fools shall fall, I will rule on!

The wolf now stayed his paw,
In exchange for another day breathing,
These mortals paid their debt in souls,
The wolf commanded legions teeming.

First Providence, then the true challenge;
The Eagle, who held back the dark souls,
Damning them to the flooded caverns with his talons,
His beak long and sharp, his talons massive.

His army was growing,
Their guard was lowering.

Still, he continued to serve, most gracious,
Beneath the smiles and bows hid his malice,
Knowing all the while, the time was nigh,
The time for justice, the time to rise!


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