Writing for the Masses

Recently, I noticed that not many people tend to visit this site. And why would you? Unless you’re one of the few that enjoys my writing, there’s really not much else to offer here. At first, I told myself this was part of my brand (“let my writing speak for itself”), but then I started to consider other options. During that limbo phase, I stumbled upon a new excuse to avoid writing a sequel on the BBC, Cars of the People, which I can only assume is their attempt to make up for the cancellation of Top Gear. I embedded the trailer below to give you an idea of what it’s about.

More than anything else, that title got my mind stirring. Would it be possible to produce a site that served to do more than promote myself and spread my fiery opinions across the internet? The short of it was yes.

So I came up with the title you see above as the beginning of this great social experiment: Writing for the Masses. Now I had a title, what to do with the bloody thing? I had already dropped the decadent “let my awesome writing do the work for me” ideal and settled on an idea for a site that, you know, people might want to read. Having already pilfered the tagline from a TV show, I turned my eyes to the blogosphere for further inspiration.

Quite quickly, my pirating mind sighted a promising vessel on the horizon. Ryan Lanz has sculpted a website that offers a wealth of ideas and tips for aspiring fiction crafters from a variety of experienced writers, including his Writer’s Toolbox. Subtract 6,400 followers, the polish of his website, the number of outside contributors, and the, er, “published author” bit, and I say we stand on similar ground. So, Writing for the Masses sets forth a similar goal, to aid the low-end masses of writers (of which I am certainly one) with strategies and tools that I both devised and discovered during the ongoing process of getting my own book published. A poor man’s Writer’s Toolbox, if you will.

Gone is the decadent individualist notion of being a writer of myself, for myself. Forget the future, the way to revolution lies in the masses, Lenin (probably) said. This site will not be me preaching into empty space, as it’s been for many months, but what we, the collective of the oppressed class, make it. Struggling writers, prospective writers, uncertain writers, unrecognized novelists, misunderstood poets, ignored playwrights, and all writers among the masses, unite! Our time is upon us.

And with that appeal to the inner Marxist in us all, I say we celebrate, comrades, with the soundtrack of the revolution. Incidentally, music will also make up a good part of Writing for the Masses. So, enjoy this sneak peek of the next segment.

In fact, play this soundtrack while reading the whole post over again. I think you’ll find it much more inspirational.

Until next time, comrades. To victory!

Are you a capitalist pig who hates this new direction? Leave a decadent comment, and see whether the people agree. Love this new direction? Subscribe, comrade, and support the struggle! Want to have your voice heard by the oppressors? Then take up arms- er, a pen, excuse me, and contact us (thefuturewritersofamerica@gmail.com) to join the revolution!


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