Writing for the Masses #1 (Music)


Welcome back to the revolution, comrades.

Writing for the Masses is the idea that by banding together, we small-time writers can buoy each other up to glory and that long-thirsted for success. On this journey, I will borrow the rhetoric and megalomaniac tendencies of the early Marxist revolutionaries in hopes of inspiring the downtrodden masses to rise up, on a smaller scale, of course. But, hey, if you feel like overthrowing the capitalist exploitation machine in your spare time, I won’t stop you.

Now that the back story’s out of the way, time to move on to justifying how I can use other people’s ideas and works and still call these posts my own. Think about it this way: a professional elite holds all the intellectual capital and experience (specifically, the knowledge from that experience) above the masses who struggle and strive to gain a small spot in that elite. I say we redistribute that capital to those masses, just like the land redistribution programs seen in Maoist China without the whole “starving millions of peasants through the pitfalls of collectivized agriculture” hiccup (see Great Leap Forward). See? An idea that’s quite painless in comparison. I’ve found a lovely compromise here.

On to what you all really came here to read about.

Music is something I’ve written about before, but I’ll pirate my own ideas for a change. There is nothing that conveys emotions quite as powerfully as music. I personally have utilized all sorts of artists and songs to achieve the appropriate tenor and put myself in the right mood to write my first novel The War of the Rose. And yes, still not published.

  • To write a battle scene between the clans, I used this Metallica staple:
  • To write the emotional scene that occurs in the aftermath, I turned to the Grunge movement:
  • And it’s not just metal and grunge. The classic rock and blues band Bad Company provided the song that helped me hone the almost-mournful tone of the beginning of the novel (which you can read here):

But what about you guys? Don’t worry, I have some more general areas to recommend.

  • For that epic feeling as you sweep your reader over a landscape or the momentous sensation as the two forces clash in battle, Two Steps from Hell will not fail: (Note: a good set of headphones or nice sound system are a must for these guys)
  • For inspiration when writing a villain, the Dark Knight soundtrack has a lot of wealth to offer:
  • The Star Wars soundtrack offers a lot. Romance, spirituality, darkness, and of course, battle through music. This Youtuber makes very high quality tracks:

Sometimes, though, music serves a different role. For example, I wrote one of the most violent scenes in my book while listening to the cheery voice of Bob Marley and his Wailers. At first, this would appear ironic, and indeed it is, but it also proves my point. I didn’t need Bob and his lyrics about peace and happiness to inspire me as son and father fought to the death. I used his soothing music to block out the distractions of a dorm room hallway so I could focus on that pivotal moment in the book.

To this end, use songs you’ve heard so many times you know all the lyrics. Trust me, last thing you want is to pause from writing because you’re confused by the theme of the song you’re listening to. Now we turn to albums for the long-haul (man, Youtube has everything).

  • Take your pick. These are just ones that I use, anything goes, as long as it works for you. After all, we’re in this together.

If you’re a particularly astute reader, you’ll notice one common theme: all this music is on Youtube. And what better place for the masses to go than Youtube, where all videos are free and always there to use? Download a free Adblock program, turn on Autoplay, and you’ve got yourself a poor man’s Pandora or Spotify. It’s genius! Plus, you don’t get to read amusing comments on those sights, do you?

I hope this has helped, fellow writers and revolutionaries. And I would be remiss if I were to talk about music and not add another soundtrack for our revolution. So, rise up, and enjoy!

Until next time, comrades. To victory!

Are you a capitalist pig who hates this new direction? Leave a decadent comment, and see whether the people agree. Love this new direction? Subscribe, comrade, and support the struggle! Want to have your voice heard by the oppressors? Then take up arms- er, a pen, excuse me, and contact us (thefuturewritersofamerica@gmail.com) to join the revolution!


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