Nostalgia: Looking Back to Keep Going Forward

This post goes well with the message of my last post (Building off the Past). And it will go great with the next one too. To victory, comrades!


Lately I’ve been feeling very nostalgic, looking back on memories I haven’t thought about in years. It started about a week ago when I found a Cabbage Patch rabbit named Ellen that I’ve had my entire life and I was trying to remember what color she used to be because she’s gray now. Thinking about that made me remember how my Nana had bought me her little brother Brett as a way to replace Ellen- which failed- and then it made me think about my Nana and how attached to her I was when I was younger. I would sleep in her bed with her and I remembered that I had stopped at one point for a few months because a bat had gotten into her room and I was frightened it would happen again. But I can’t remember what exactly made me stop sleeping in her bed in the…

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