The Call

My helm to those who have lost,
My shield to those who have suffered,
My sword to those who have angered,
My horse to those who have wallowed,
My heart to those whose love has hollowed.

In the black currents of life,
Running dark and cold through us all,
I know your pain and strife,
And you know my anguish and sting,
We both hear the distant echo; the call.

Brothers and sisters in arms,
March off to the war of existence,
Blinded by belief in holy crusade,
We are brothers in pain.

All the while we still hear the call,
Muted by the beat of the war drums,
As we march, it becomes a myth to us,
Until the call is lost to us all.

Courage to the man who has stood at the edge,
Gazing down into the endless abyss,
Forced to face the blackness of his existence,
Believing that the fault is only his.

Heart to the man who has fallen,
Knowing he cannot have what he yearns for,
Only able to watch from afar,
Sacrificing spirit for honor,
His soul hollow to the core.

Care to the man who has numbed,
From so many blows to his skin,
The only pain left at all,
Comes from deep within.

They throw themselves into the fight,
Struggling and clawing against their own brothers,
Slipping from the arms of their brothers and sisters,
Slipping farther from the light.

Only in the darkest moments do we hear it again,
Once more we know its power,
Only when our strength and faith is spent,
Our sword heavy and our armor rent,
We feel its pulse in that hour,
Binding us all together.

It awaits the day,
When we finally lay down our swords,
That far off day,
When the call finds our hearts.

“Time to change has come and gone
Watched your fears become your God
It’s your decision
It’s your decision”

“Your Decision,” Alice in Chains


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