Hymn of the Descendants

I wrote this poem as an attempt to explore the antagonists of my first novel (and sequels in the works). Many of the best works are those that can paint the picture of an entire immersive, fascinating world. So I asked myself, what would the soldiers sing as they pillage and destroy?


Hymn of the Descendants

Over water and earth,
Across the seas to all shores,
Everywhere it shall be known,
The divine song of our lords.

Through fire and death,
We do our righteous deeds,
Those who follow the Creeds,
Know no true end.

Our talons liberate their souls,
Our beaks cleanse their minds,
The weak will cower at the call,
The strong shall rise.

We are the holy, the elite,
Soldiers and Zealots of the Empire,
Following our Master’s decree,
The tainted shall burn on the pyre.


Does this text make you think? Let the world know!

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