The Blog Lives!

I know, with a title like that, I better have a good explanation for where I’ve been all these months. Well, the truth is what you loyal readers have become accustomed to at this point: life got in the way. I know, it happens to the best of us. First, it was my job as a student journalist eating up my spare time, then the end of the semester. And then my laptop died.

At first, I thought that was the death knell of the blog. Only after it had happened, hindsight informed me that I had never actually thought to write down the password to my WordPress account on anything but the piece of paper that I first came up with the idea for TFWOA on. Of course, the paper vanished the moment I scrambled to find it. For a couple weeks, I didn’t even have a computer to write on. After the browsing data was lost with the old machine, I thought that was the end of my one and a half year writing odyssey.

At this point in the dry spell, some of you were breathing sighs of relief, I’m sure. “That crazy Leftist and animal fiction writer finally got picked up by the State Department.” Sorry to disappoint, but I’m still a rogue on the Internet, and now I have my microphone back.

How did I save this site from a slow death of being buried in the far reaches of the net under hoards of useless data? I learned that auto-fill passwords were stored in files on the hard drive that could be transferred from one Mozilla profile to another. Thanks to sheer laziness, I had kept the old laptop around collecting dust (good fortune, I know). After reenacting a gripping episode of MacGyver to retrieve the hard drive, I not only had my old documents back, but some obscure files that suddenly righted my off-kilter word. I got back the account, and best of all, I got back the site.

I’ll admit it here and now: I neglected the old girl and treasured few who enjoy these writings. Only once I had it wrenched from my arms did I realize that the site was more than just a podium to spout off about my latest fiction projects or the flaws of capitalism. Don’t get me wrong, I like to do that and will continue, and clearly others find it charming as well. But that’s precisely the point: others come here to read it. That is the fundamental purpose of a blog, after all.

So I’ll do my best to think more about others (and less about how I could spend thirty minutes differently) and actually put out some content every once and a while. I promise. And like all promises I make to you, we’ll all get to enjoy the journey as I slowly let you down. But hey, that’s part of the fun too.

I’ll leave you with a conclusion by the immortal sultans of rock, AC/DC. (Yes, the Soundtrack of the Revolution is returning as well!)


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