Satire Saturday 1: CNN Starts Fake News Section

Due to a disagreement between the editors at The Breeze, the multiple satires I wrote will never be published in their paper. However, I realized that I have a website that can distribute them just as effectively. So, the topics may be dated by a few weeks, but they are (sadly) no less relevant.

CNN Starts Fake News Section

Rising to the challenge of Fox News’s “Fair and Balanced” tagline, CNN has committed to equally reporting both real and false news stories. The newly added Fake News tab on the network’s website features compelling headlines such as “Pipeline spills found to increase health,” “DNC planning ‘Real Housewives’ reunion with Bernie Sanders on Bravo” and “CBO finds that less healthcare coverage for elderly boosts funeral industry.”

The news agency made their pushback against the conservative Fox News clear, modifying the channel’s byline for their new section: “They Report, You Decide.”

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“We Don’t Talk About That”

*Disclaimer: This is completely off the cuff. I was spurred to write this following images I viewed only moments ago that both shocked and outraged me, even more so for the lack of regard they’re shown.*Blood in the Water

The news media industry is fickle at best, we’ve all heard this. We’ve known it for years. Indeed, some of the greatest satirists are those that can reveal the biases and miniscule attention span of the media (such as Colbert with his classic “Blood in the Water” segments). Don’t buy that the news tends to focus on the flashy, new story and ditch the old content?

How often have you heard the words “Breaking News” and perked up in interest? I know I do, I’ll admit that bias. The whole premise of the news is to bring you new content, hence the name. I get that. But this runs into problems when the media focuses on solely new stories and forgets overnight anything of impact that didn’t happen in the last 24 hours.

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