A New Test for Reality

Partly inspired by The Trouble with Reality by Brooke Gladstone, which the title pays homage to.

This post doesn’t fit into the Writing for the Masses or Satire Saturday series, but it addresses an issue I’ve grappled with for the past few days.

First, some background: I had seen advertisements for The President Show, a new thirty minute block on Comedy Central that would fill the gap left by the cancellation of The Nightly Show. That’s about all I thought about it, other than the fact that it seemed to rely on crude humor to mock the president and didn’t deserve my attention.

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Satire Saturday 1: CNN Starts Fake News Section

Due to a disagreement between the editors at The Breeze, the multiple satires I wrote will never be published in their paper. However, I realized that I have a website that can distribute them just as effectively. So, the topics may be dated by a few weeks, but they are (sadly) no less relevant.

CNN Starts Fake News Section

Rising to the challenge of Fox News’s “Fair and Balanced” tagline, CNN has committed to equally reporting both real and false news stories. The newly added Fake News tab on the network’s website features compelling headlines such as “Pipeline spills found to increase health,” “DNC planning ‘Real Housewives’ reunion with Bernie Sanders on Bravo” and “CBO finds that less healthcare coverage for elderly boosts funeral industry.”

The news agency made their pushback against the conservative Fox News clear, modifying the channel’s byline for their new section: “They Report, You Decide.”

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The Liberal Elite

Recently, I’ve focused on the professional aspects of publications in different genres and platforms, but I’ve also neglected one of the most powerful: the website. So, instead of sending this satire into The Breeze, JMU’s student newspaper, I thought I would share it with you, my loyal writer audience. Without further ado:

“Now watch what you say, or they’ll be calling you a radical.
Liberal, fanatical, criminal.”
Supertramp, “The Logical Song”

It’s morning in Freedomville. At last, our enemy has revealed itself.

No, not you, logic-lovers. You’re only pawns in the web. No, liberty is under threat from the liberal elite. They’ve come within one syllable of stealing my favorite word: eels.

It’s my fault, really. I should’ve seen this coming from the day I came out of the womb red, white, and blue. The doctors said they had never seen a skin condition so bad, only showing my dedication to suffer for this country.

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The Evolution of Technology

Everyone wonders when the next groundbreaking device will be debuted, like the iPhone and the laptops of the past. But, whilst reveling deep in the archives of my favorite show, I stumbled upon the untapped potential of the future of human communication. Introducing, from the geniuses of Colbert Labs, the “Bucket.”

The Bucket

The Bucket in Action

Taking “living vicariously” to a whole new dimension, Stephen Colbert tours Times Square using FaceTime and an iPad, able to interact with his fellow New Yorkers without actually being anywhere near them. Of course, remove the physical aspect (and any potential threats/reason to be cautious) and he manages to cause quite a ruckus in typical Colbert style. Continue reading

The Politico

Today I thought I’d bring a little something different to the table. Back in the middle of September, a friend approached me about helping him campaign for Freshman President of our university. Turns out writing majors are in demand for this sort of thing. Who knew? So, knowing nothing about what a Freshman President did or represented, I cracked my knuckles and started typing. (Curiously, I could find no mention of a James Madison University Freshman President, so there was no proof the position even existed.) Thus, these videos arose. Continue reading