Just another of those spur of the moment poems.

War in Syria,
Ebola in Liberia,
Russia in Crimea,
The world in hysteria.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanishes,
The whole of the Indian Ocean without a trace,
Flight 17 takes a SAM and crashes,
Our airspace is no longer safe.

ISIS on the rise in Iraq,
The US Air Force on the attack,
Nuclear weapons developing in Iran,
38,000 soldiers in Afghanistan.

Israel pounds Gaza with armaments,
The world doesn’t even ask why,
Boko Haram kidnaps two hundred students,
Nobody bats an eye.

George and Kate have a baby,
The media goes into a frenzy,
A car explodes in Kabul,
Nobody speaks about that in school.

2014, a hell of a year,
But you won’t find any talk of it here,
Too much bloodshed to find time for fear,
At this rate, we’re all bound to disappear.

Inspired by Barry Maguire’s “Eve of Destruction”

What do you think? Is this too cynical? Not doom and gloom enough? Your thoughts count!


6 thoughts on “2014

  1. Thanks guys! I came up with the idea after studying for history and wondering why we never had such calamitous years as the 60s or 70s. The more I thought of it, the more I realized, we’ve had so much happen in this year alone, we just tend to forget about it (or ignore it). So this poem emerged, a form of consciousness-raising, a reminder and a warning to myself. Appreciate the support.


    • No, not weird at all. I appreciate the compliment and the support. And I’m honestly impressed that you found the first post I ever put on this site. That’s a lot of content to muddle through, haha


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